Do you know what patient centred care really is?

Are you working in an environment where the patient and their family is at the centre of everything you do?  

If you answered with an unreserved ‘yes’ to this question you may be amongst an elite group of service providers.

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This comment comes from our experience, and seeing the concern that many people in organisations have when the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards (ACQSHC) (2ndedition) Standard two is discussed.

We believe patient-centred care really matters. It matters  to patients, clients and their families, and to the organisations caring for them. We also see that it in some organisations this is often spoken about but never truly fully understood or fully implemented. 

The following references will give you some deeper understanding of what patient centred care is really about and why we think it matters

What is patient-centred care?

Patient-centred care is about engaging and working ‘with’ people in partnership. Partnerships with consumers exist when consumers are treated with dignity and respect, information is shared with them, and their participation and collaboration is encouraged (ACQSHC, 2017).

“Person-centred care is a way of thinking and doing things that sees the people using health and social services as equal partners in planning, developing and monitoring care to make sure it meets their needs. This means putting people and their families at the centre of decisions and seeing them as experts, working alongside professionals to get the best outcome”.  
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Why does being patient- centred matter?

Becoming patient-centred matters because people want to engage with service providers. they want to understand what is happening to them when their health is ‘challenged’. They also want to be actively involved in their life journey.

Whilst some people may be more passive in this regard, it is their right to understand what is happening to them.

The cost of managing chronic disease is continually rising. In a population where we are living longer, engagement in personal care and effective disease management will improve quality of life and help mitigate some of the cost. 

Most importantly being patient-centred matters in our opinion, because it is about intrinsic values. It is about trusting and building respectful relationships with people. After all these are the key elements that attracts the best people into health care roles.

If you want to know more about about the application of patient centred principles in an organisation wide context check back for our next blog.

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