Community Engagement

Community Engagement and Consultation

Contemporary organisations have a need to both consult and engage with their customers to stay relevant to their needs and to inspire loyalty to a business or service.

Contemporary industry standards include consumer/community consultation process as a norm in integrated care.

The team at Integrating Care Consultancy have a commitment to including community consultation and engagement as an integral part of the business. The commitment is based on a believe from years of experience working in health systems and the evolution of the voice of the patient and the community as part of integrated person-centred care.

The consultancy offers a range of experience to:


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    Review your current situation and needs 
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    Research current standards and expectations 
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    Develop strategic plans for community consultation
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    Integrate plans for community advisors and volunteers as a part of governance structures


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    Advise on a range of consultation and engagement strategies tailored to your preference 
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    Offer options for community inputs at all levels in an organisation 
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    Design infrastructure for community advocates and volunteers
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    ​Develop performance measures


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    Documented plans to move forward 
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    Conduct community engagements either independently or with organisational team members 
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    Reports from engagement events with accompanying analysis

Recent Engagement Projects

Design of a comprehensive strategic community engagement plan for a new health service in an outer Metropolitan area. We conducted a series of forums for people and their carers with a variety of chronic diseases. The objective was to gain participants perspectives on what constitutes good health care for them, to inform the health service development.

Strategy design and facilitation of a series of workshops working with a group of different agencies including health, education and non-government agencies with a focus on children’s services to enhance partnership and develop a governance structure.

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