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Do you know what patient centred care really is?

Are you working in an environment where the patient and their family is at the centre of everything you do?  If you answered with an unreserved ‘yes’ to this question you may be amongst an elite group of service providers.This comment comes from our experience, and seeing the concern that many people in organisations have […]

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3 Things You Need to Achieve Successful Collaborative Governance.

Are you working with a group of services where together you could achieve greater outcomes? Collaborative governance could be a solution to greater cooperation between providers and greater community success. In this evolving era of healthcare where a person-centred approach is expected to improve health outcomes for individuals, how do different service providers establish a working […]

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How to Host a Successful Community Engagement Event

Are you thinking of hosting a community engagement event? Engaging with a diverse group from the community with the complexity of variant knowledge and experience can be challenging. If you are up for the challenge and are mindful in your approach, there are rich rewards from hosting community engagement events that truly inform organisations for planning […]

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Building Better and More Positive Community Engagement

 Are you part of an organisation that wants to engage with community members to inform the way you do business? If you are looking for an engagement strategy that is positive and actively encourages people to work with you, then an appreciative approach may be just what you need. In this post we will share with you […]

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