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What Makes Us Unique

The Integrating Care Consultancy team work with people, organisations, teams or individuals, to understand their needs and aspirations. Then we work collaboratively to develop frameworks for change. Change in the delivery of health and community care, change in processes of governance and change in the way in which you want to work with others for the improvement of your community, organisation or group.

We are values driven and work as the ‘guide by your side’ to help you grow, evolve and refresh with a focus on people through the processes of change.

Integrating Care Consultancy provides leadership in the evolution of health and community care through the use of a range of frameworks to move systems to a more people-centred, integrated approach. 

The work of the consultancy includes

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    Community Consultation 
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    Service Integration 
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    Strategic planning
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    Governance Structures
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    Patient Centred Care
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    Culture Change

The consultancy works collaboratively through community, industry and individual consultation to inform change and seek opportunities for improvements in care, incorporating best practice standards and outcome measures.

We Believe

  • Every individual has a value, the right to express their view and be treated with equality and respect
  • In keeping the individual journey of care at the centre of decision making
  • Integration of care between service providers in a community should be the norm not the exception
  • In keeping motivated and driving continued improvement and innovation
  • Research should be integrated into change to provide evidence and insight for future change
  • Education and support is a cornerstone for growth and development
  • Change should be sustainable and able to withstand through time and continue to evolve

What do Our Customers Say

Engagement Participants

"...genuine desire to improve health services"

"I really enjoyed the engagment workshop and would like to thank Caroline and Mary for their genuine desire to improve health services."

"...my voice was heard"

My voice was heard and as a participant I felt treated with respect."

"...my ideas were clearly reflected..."

"My ideas were clearly reflected in the consultation report outcomes which was profesionally presented.."


"...helped with our client referrals"

"We would like to thank Mary and Caroline for connecting us into another service that has helped with our client referrals." Focused Healthcare

"Thanks for moving us forward..."

"Thanks for moving us forward with sharing strategic thinking and planning." Moreton Childrens Partnership


"...it is great work"

"I want to thank Mary and Caroline for their expertise in preparation and facilitation of this workshop, it is great work."

"...impressed with the work of these ladies..."

"We are really impressed with the work of these ladies, who have convinced us of the need for strategic planning and governance for the "soft" infrastructure in a new service." 

Our Journey

Integrating Care Consultancy is a partnership between 2 passionate healthcare leaders Caroline Weaver and Mary Slattery. 

Both of us have had long careers in public health and community service delivery and left to forge our own path, and create greater change across the system for recipients of care. 

We believe in people centred, integrated care that brings alive the philosophy of caring for people and their families, whilst also engaging with service leaders and the staff who provide the services.

When we started our company, as part of the values that we share, we committed to ensuring that there is a ‘community voice’ in any service development that we work with. We have had the opportunity to really utilise and hone our facilitation skills in community engagements with individuals, families, groups and networks in our work to date.

Our Community engagement work continues to evolve and the results to date have proven to be empowering to both the community participants and health service leaders, whilst being a joy for us to facilitate.

Since We Started

In our first year we had a unique opportunity to consult and work with a new, large scale health service development that is leading an evolution in primary and sub-acute health services in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Having worked within a large bureaucracy for our whole working lives our experience over the last 12 months has been liberating. Our skills in strategic planning have been honed with the development of a strategic plan for this greenfield site, applying a conceptual model endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2016. The WHO framework on Integrated people-centred services  aims to create systems where people have access to health services that are coordinated and provide for individual needs with respect  for preferences and are safe, timely affordable. framework for people centred integrated care.  

Our experience, having been used to working with well- defined governance systems and processes, and the people skills that we have developed over the years have proven to be invaluable in developing models of collaborative governance. the collaborative governance model gives a structure for a collective of organisations to work together with a common mission and values, and to develop a in partnership model sharing both opportunities and risks.

Our experience also includes mapping of services in a large multifaceted collectives, which requires a    healthy regard for and understanding of different health businesses. We have developed profiles to describe businesses and what is needed in terms of support, staffing and infrastructure to make work flows seamless for patients, our past experience with the Clinical Services Capability framework was  invaluable in completing this body of work.

Our journey to date has been rich with learning, empowering to us as we use our skills and  experience to support the development of new and exciting health services. We both find this work invigorating as we enjoy the journey of sharing and caring.


Community Consultations Held


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People have been  Consulted


Clients lives changed

Our Team

Mary Slattery and Caroline Weaver are both Health Service leaders with significant experience as Health Service Executives.

Their professional experience includes leadership roles and responsibilities at Regional, State, National and International levels. The experience of the lead team spans acute, sub-acute, community and aged care services across Australia.

The shared passion of the team is improving the delivery of healthcare by supporting organisations and communities to provide person-centred care integrated care.

Mary Slattery, experienced, healthcare, executive
Caroline Weaver, healthcare, executive, integrating care

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